Monday, May 31, 2010

Swedish Pear & Almond Cream Cake

This week the Heavenly Cake Bakers assignment was "free choice"! Yes! This worked out very well since we were traveling and the weather was hot and sticky. I knew I wanted something simple, tasty and different. The Swedish Pear and Almond Cream Cake fit the bill perfectly. Pears; light, sweet, delicate. Almond paste; whats not to love there and a sour cream base cake; yum.
So misen place the three components- the Almond Cream filling, the cake batter and the pears.
First the Almond cream which can be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator. Putting it together was a snap in a food processor by just combining the almond paste, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla, and a little flour.
In this recipe cake flour or all-purpose flour can be used. I chose cake flour. There is also sour cream along with the usual eggs, sugar, vanilla with baking powder and baking soda for leavening. I love a cake with sour cream, I find it to be richer and smoother especially when paired with cake flour.
The pears are simply thin sliced and drizzled with lemon.
For the assembly begin with a well coated and floured bundt pan. The cake batter is spread evenly all around and smoothed with a small metal spatula. Using the spatula again make a shallow depression in a circle around the pan. Spoon the almond cream into the depression. This helps to keep the cream from touching the sides of the pan. Next and last layer is the pears; in two overlapping rows around the top. Simple... right?! Exactly what I needed for this holiday weekend too.
Although the Swedish Pear and Almond Cream Cake is simple to make it is not an ordinary cake. The taste is incredible, the cumb is fine, and the almond flavor is just enough not to over power the sweet delicate taste of the pears.
I had no problem with this cake, it traveled well and everyone enjoyed it. Boy, am I glad I got the final picture when I did because it was gone in two days!
Traveling with baked goods is always a challenge. I find that I either make something that can take the heat or travel with a cooler filled with the components. What are you favorite traveling sweets?


Mendy said...


Wow, that looks great! Well done. I can't wait until we get around to this one as Marie has not done this yet.

faithy, the baker said...

Looks good! I can't wait too till we bake this..

Vicki said...

Yum! This cake looks wonderful.

Baking Sorceress' Apprentice said...

Love the little, sweet fawn! Great photo.
I adore pears and coupled with almond past, as you say, they would marry well. This one really appears to be subtle and tasty!