Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gateau Breton & Heavenly Cakes

I have been following the escapades of the Heavenly Bakers and was inspired by some of the delicious looking cakes they baked. So I decided (with very little arm twisting) that Rose's Heavenly Cakes was a must have in my collection and a must try. After having received and perused though this lovely book I decided to begin my adventure with the Gateau Breton. Never having made this before it looked easy enough, maybe too easy. Boy, was I suprised at the results.
As described in her book, the Gateau Breton is a cross between a pound cake and shortbread. I love the simple flavors of both, however this version steps up a notch with the addition of ground almonds (nice texture). The recipe calls for vanilla and dark rum for flavoring. Well, I never bother to measure vanilla (that was easy). But, dark rum is not something I keep around. BUT, I do keep over-proof white rum in the cupboard, so in it went. Of course lots of butter and eggs then presto chango!
The resulting cake is firm around the edges and a slightly softer in the middle, and pleasantly moist. The vanilla and rum together with the fine texture of the almonds was simply beautiful. "J" loved it so much that he went in for seconds. "This is a keeper", he exclaimed!
I think for now I will just follow the "bakers" from a distance. With the summer coming up I am not sure I can keep up their pace (I'll have to put more thought to that decision).
My next project will be the Swedish Pear and Almond Cream Cake! Until then....happy baking!

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