Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bread Baking and the Biscuit

It used to be that I was terrified of yeast. I would veer as far from it as I possible could but, I realized that I was truly missing something special. So I started to dabble, using it here and there in sweet and savory applications. I'm not alway successful so I know I still have a long way to go. Yet, how will I ever become confident if I don't jump in, right?!
First let me take you back a bit. Several years ago like 8 (!!!), I purchased Rose Levy Beranbaum's "The Bread Bible". My intensions were to jump in and start baking bread on a regular basis. But, upon receipt I was further humbled. This book is sooo big and has sooo much detail that along with my lack of yeast confidence I was intimidated. Thus the book remained on my shelf unopened and unappreciated. Over the holiday I reached for it again. It was time.
The first recipe I chose was a simple one (no yeast yet) but a start. Butter biscuits, the ingredient list is short but the results are delicious! Butter (cold of course), flour (a combination of all-purpose and cake), sugar (just a little), hard cooked eggs (can you see the yellow speckles?), and heavy cream. I worked it all by hand and was very pleased with the batter. The rolling, cutting and baking procedure was typical. Rose uses this recipe for strawberry shortcake but I used it as a side with a slow cooked beef stew (of course I didn't think to get a picture of everything together, geez!). The biscuits were tender and very flavorful. Thes biscuits are a very delicious first step in a series of many into the world of bread baking.
Anyone wanting to join in this adventure just let me know!

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