Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Choice- Lemon Meringue Cake

This week with the Heavenly Cake Bakers it was a free choice. Free choice to me meant something I missed doing which this time meant Lemon Meringue Cake, which was really Lime Meringue Cake, phew! Before I get into talking about this wonderful cake I want to thank Marie at the Heavenly Cake Place for making me, yes me, the featured baker last week. It was an honor, thank you. I must admit that most of what I have baked from Rose's Heavenly Cakes has been very tasty, with easy to follow instructions and I am happy to be a part of this group.
Now, on to this weeks challenge of Lime Meringue Cake. There were three components to this light and airy cake. First the cake of course, a genoise cake with Wondra Flour again (note to self- must get some and try it out). Not my favorite type of cake since it is usually a bit dry. However, there are those times when the cake needs to be a bit drier to support a very moist filling or topping, as in this case. The cake was soft and billowy and easy to put together. Next up is a quick and easy lime simple syrup which btw takes care of most of the dryness in the cake.
The next component is a lemon curd (again lime in my case). Made with silky, golden egg yolks, lime juice, zest, sugar and salt....easy. No suprises here with successful results. However, I did take some liberty here and lighten the finished curd with some whipped cream. This made for a creamy, lighter filling not too over-powering. In one word- lovely.
The final component was a meringue, not just any meringue nope, an Italian Meringue. Italian Meringue is made with a boiling (248-250 degree) sugar syrup poured slowly over the whipped egg whites. This mixture also contained some lime juice, sugar, and cream of tarter. Making meringue can sometimes be a little tricky along with the danger of burning yourself should any of the syrup splatter on you. To avoid this either turn the mixer off when adding the syrup to the egg whites or pour it very carefully down the side of the bowl being mindful not to hit the whip attachment. Whichever you chose take your time with this step or the eggs will deflate and you will not have the cloud-like meringue you so deserve.
Time to assemble and finish this lovely cake. As you can see I cut this recipe in half (which is standard for me)yielding a small cake and a mini-me cake, just enough. I sliced both cakes into 2 layers, brushed the lime syrup on each layer. Then filled the layers with the lightened curd and covered the cakes with the Italian Meringue. Now the part where I feel like the mad scientist.....using my handy torch I slowly, artfully toasted the meringue allowing some of the texture to show up.
Alas, overall I think this is a tasty cake. I like the smooth filling, the flowery flavor of lime, and the light meringue topping. I still feel the the cake is dry. Maybe I am not soaking the layers with enough of the syrup. Anyway, I am hoping a day of rest in the refrigerator will allow all the flavors and moisture to merge more evenly. Am I the only one who thinks genoise cake is too dry? If so what could I use instead?


Shandy said...

Love your lime meringue cake! Both miniature cakes are adorable and look so tasty. Sorry the cake itself was still a little dry for you. Hopefully today their will be more moisture absorbed into the cake layers.
I received my copy of the cake book after this cake was selected. The lemon meringue cake was the reason I joined the group because my Father and hubby's favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie. Should have made this for my free choice week =).

Lois B said...

Hopefully, a day of rest will help with the dryness. Your cakes look great.

Julie said...

Your meringue cakes are so beautiful! And lime sounds like a wonderful variation.

For genoise and biscuit, you need to use the entire amount of syrup called for. If the cake is still dry, then it probably has too much egg white, too much flour, or was baked too long.

You can always add more syrup when serving- lay each slice on its side, then spoon extra syrup over the cake part.

ButterYum said...

Hy Lynnette - did you find a rest in the fridge helped the moisture distribute more evenly in the cake? It looks wonderful to me... wouldn't mind a big piece of it right now!


Desserts Divine said...

The rest in the frig helped a little. But, reading all your responses maybe I'm not putting enough simple syrup on the layers.
I will keep that in mind. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement and for visiting with me.

evil cake lady said...

yes, i was going to advocate for using all the syrup the recipe suggests. these cakes can take all the liquid, even if it seems like too much! and also, for me, sometimes it takes a couple of days for the cake's texture to even out.

that being said, a lime meringue cake sounds excellent. i loved the lemon version and i bet i would love yours too!