Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tomatoes and basil oh my!

So did you guess? It wasn't hard, there are actually two correct answers to my previously posted question from my favorite market stops. For the first delicious combination we took the semolina bread, tomatoes and mozzarella and them up about 1/4" thick. A chiffonade of basil was made and the olive oil was standing ready. A slice of tomatoe and cheese is placed on the bread sprinkled with basil and drizzled with olive oil. Wow....yummy! Now I'm sure you are looking for a photo of this delicious finger food but, sadly it was eaten faster than you can say "wait for the camera"!
Anyway the second delicious combination was set up for a grilled pizza (thank the stars the camera ws ready for this one). The dough recipe is easy and I have posted it in the past (you can search it or use your favorite). A light marinara sauce was prepared and set aside. Again sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and a chiffonade of basil was ready to assemble. Cooking pizza on the grill is fun and easy. I use a bread stone on the grill top with the burners to it side on only so as not to burn the bottom.
The two combinations here are our favorite summer-time eats.

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