Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

When family comes to visit it's just another excuse to bake something special. But "special" can be anything from a cookie that is easy to prepare to a cake that has many steps to it's preparation. When my mother in-law comes she generally stays for two weeks. "Argh", you say but, this little lady is the best anyone could ask for. And she is my biggest fan...what's not to like? So we embark on a two week baking frenzy-sugar high, in between work that is! Our first project had to be simple since we had to get something sweet on the counter to avoid any of those nasty sugar withdrawals. So we chose shortbread cookies with chocolate chips (can't forget the chocolate fix). Shortbread consists of only a handful of ingredients and have so many possible variations. But first a good base is essential. This recipe is one of many recipes received through my email from: dailycookie@marthastewart.com . I first tried it on a whim not having had a favorite recipe for shortbread as yet. I generally find shortbread cookies to be a little greasy and aside from the taste of butter which has to be really good butter, unexciting. This rendition was a pleasant suprise. The butter flavor does not over power the delicious vanilla taste. The snap and texture is perfect. I love, love, love these cookies. Thank you Martha from mom and I!


HanaĆ¢ said...

The cookies look delicious. Isn't it fun to bake with someone who enjoys it too! I'm glad you have a nice relationship with your mother-in-law.

You mentioned you'll be taking a cake decorating class. How did it go?

HanaĆ¢ said...

Oops forgot to mention one thing. I saw that Tish Boyle's "The Cake Book" was in your list of fav books. I own it too and love it. Did you know she has a blog? It's http://tishboyle.blogspot.com/.

collin said...

The pics of cookies looks yummy.

Lets have some fun and take the Dessert Personality Test to find out your Personality on the basis of your favorite Dessert. Have Fun!!

Amanda said...

These look wonderful!! I am going to have to try them!

God bless-